Thursday, May 29, 2008

Have You Embraced Web 2.0?

Have you fully embraced Web 2.0? Do you add fresh content to your website monthly, weekly or daily? Do you have a way to add news to your current website? Is your site search engine friendly?

As Social Media and Web 2.0 become mainstream and more new home builders and developers embrace this SEO friendly technology, you will need to answer these questions and formulate a plan for incorporating these tactics into your marketing mix. Otherwise you will become harder to find on the Internet and further "behind" your competitors.

Many “websites” are now built as blogs or incorporate a blog as the site's news feed. You don't have to launch a stand alone blog to take advantage of this communications tool. More than 100,000 blogs are launched each day. Not only can blogs help to give you a competitive advantage in attracting online shoppers, but many blogs are emerging as credible news sources which means a story on your site could catch a reporter’s eye and end up in a print publication.

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